Really Real Films Inc.

A feature film and television production company based in Vancouver, BC, since 1998, Really Real Films develops, finances and produces independent film and television projects for the domestic and international marketplace.

Company principals, Cynde and Allan Harmon, are veteran filmmakers who have produced and directed for 29 years and have amassed over 250 broadcast hours to their credit.  For 25 years, their Ontario and US Corporations have provided services to the film, television and commercial sectors. The Harmon team has been associated with many high profile film personalities such as Robert Altman, and Ridley Scott, Patrice Laconte, Jean Pierre Roux and Ken Davis.

The Harmons launched “Really Real Films”, refocusing to become a more diversified entertainment company, developing and producing original content for theatrical and television release.  Really Real Films is currently involved in the development of new innovative digital and interactive media for mobile and broadband application.  Really Real corporate head offices include full Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro Edit facilities.

Development projects are quite diversified, including lifestyle series ‘Girls of Today’, ‘Firehouse Cook-off’ and ‘Model for a Day’, television drama series ‘Ghostware’ (Kevin Sorbo – Meet The Spartans, Andromeda, Hercules attached), feature films ‘Tranquility’ starring Kevin Sorbo, ‘If I Had Wings’, ‘Cry of The Thunderbird’ and ‘Honor Camp’.

In addition to Really Real’s own project content, it distributes internationally, Leo nominated, ‘The Travel Guys’ airing on 33 channels across Canada, “Seventeen Short Films About Breasts”, a documentary nominated for 5 Leos, celebrity interview series ‘The Pat O’Connor Show’, baby eco-video ‘Green Baby’, North American’s first Pakistani feature films ‘Night Of Henna’ and ‘Bicycle Bride’, Aboriginal dance series ‘Dancing with Spirit’ nominated for 3 Gemini’s, and Aboriginal docs ‘Quest’ and ‘We Are Still Here’.

Really Real Films, in association with Vancouver’s Insight Films, completed their movie “Trust”, airing on Movie Central, Lifetime Channel and TF1 in France.  Their ½ hour pilot comedy  “Wolf Canyon” just won 5 LEO awards for 2010, including Best Comedy Show, Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, and Best Performance!


Cynde Harmon serves as Producer and CEO for “Really Real Films Inc.”  Vancouver based, Cynde along with her partner Allan started Really Real Films in 1998 to re-focus on producing for the film and TV sector, having previously produced award-winning commercials for elite International clientele such as Kellogg, Fisher Price, and L’Oreal.

With an educational background majoring in finance and accounting, Cynde laid the foundation for her success in “series television” as an accountant, quickly moving into production management for feature films and ultimately producing for TV & Film. She has brought superior production services expertise to the Industry in the areas of development, finance, budgeting, producing and distribution through both of their US and Canadian companies.

Cynde is responsible for producing original programming as well as establishing, distribution and licensing opportunities. She is a familiar presence at all International Film Markets, Global Events and maintains a pro-active profile within various Film Community Forums.

Additionally, Cynde is Co-Executive Producer for the increasingly popular travel series “The Travel Guys” which airs on 33 Shaw Cable channels across Canada.

From over 29 years in the business, Cynde and her partner, have developed a history of highly respected working relationships with some of the Industry’s most prominent filmmakers, such as Ridley Scott, and some of television’s most leading personalities such as Kevin Sorbo. 

Really Real Films has proudly been associated with the honor of numerous LEO Award including 5 recently for their comedy pilot and Winner of Lion D’Or at CANNES: Humex.

Cynde currently has 6 Series and 4 Feature Films in development with a number of projects in distribution, and this past year completed producing MOW “Trust”, airing on Movie Central, Lifetime and TF1, and a pilot for “Wolf Canyon” a ½ hour comedy series winner of 5 Leo awards including Best Show.


A native of upstate New York, Allan began his career 34 years ago as a Producer, Director and Actor of the stage, touring throughout the United States and Canada.  Allan quickly found himself propelled into a career in film, television and commercials, working as an Assistant Director, Unit Manager and Producer for CBS, Lifetime, CBC, USA Network, Columbia, Tristar, Lions Gate, NBC, MGM, Universal, Fox, ABC, Disney, Paramount, Polygram and Warner Bros.

For the past 15 years, Allan has been directing projects for Warner Brothers (Police Academy); Tribune/Fireworks/Alliance (Nightman, Andromeda); TV Ontario (A Question of Justice); and the CBC (Street Legal, Material World).

With Really Real Films, Allan has provided services for film and television throughout Canada and the US, and produced award-winning commercials for an elite international clientele. Chanel No 5, directed by Ridley Scott (Gladiator, BladeRunner); L’Oreal featuring Mila Javovich (The Messenger, Resident Evil, Zoolander); Humex (Winner Lion D’Or at CANNES).

Allan directed feature film ‘Afghan Knights’, starring Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs), Gary Stretch (Alexander/9/11, Steve Bacic (Andromeda), and Chris Kramer (The Collector) and three Lifetime movies, ‘Passion’s Web’, ‘Second Sight’, which he was nominated for Best Direction for a feature length film at the 2008 Leo Awards and most recently “Trust” airing on TF1, Lifetime, and Movie Central.

He co-produced and directed Really Real Films’ children’s pilot “The Magic Backpack” on “The Greenhouse Effect” and just completed directing and co-producing  Really Real’s film “Trust” in association with Vancouver’s Insight Films, Tim Johnston and Joey Plager for TF1 network in France.  Allan just completed co-producing and directing the pilot for “Wolf Canyon”, a half hour comedy series starring Kevin Sorbo garning 5 LEO awards including Best Director honors!